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1 x Lycamobile £10 Preloaded Credit SIM + 3GB Data + Unlimited UK Calls & Texts


> 1 x Active and Ready to use Lycamobile SIM card.

> 100 Minutes International Calls

> This sim card will be pre-loaded/topped up with £10 as credit. 

> You will receive 1 x Lycamobile SIM (BRAND NEW) with £10 Preloaded Credit ready and active to use.


£10 Credit will give you:




100 International Minutes

(This information is correct as of date 07/05/2019)



When you insert the sim into your phone and make the first call you will get

3GB Data + Unlimited UK Calls & Texts 

+ 100 minutes International Calls

Australia Australia   Austria Austria   Belgium Belgium Bulgaria Bulgaria   Canada Canada   China China Croatia Croatia   Cyprus Greek Cyprus Greek   Czech-Republic Czech-Republic Denmark Denmark   Estonia Estonia   Finland Finland France France   Germany Germany   Greece Greece Hong-kong Hong-kong   Hungary Hungary   Iceland Iceland India India   Ireland Ireland   Italy Italy Korea South Korea South   Latvia Latvia   Lithuania Lithuania Luxembourg Luxembourg   Malaysia Malaysia   Malta Malta Netherlands Netherlands   New Zealand New Zealand   Norway Norway Poland Poland   Portugal Portugal   Romania Romania Singapore Singapore   Slovakia Slovakia   Slovenia Slovenia Spain Spain   Sweden Sweden   Switzerland Switzerland Thailand Thailand   United States United States

These are  3 in 1 SIMs can be used as -

• Standard Sims

• Micro Sims

• Nano Sims


SIM Cards Returns:

These UK SIM cards are pre-activated and preloaded and meant to be topped up and used in UK only to start with. We will not take any responsibility if these sims do not work outside the UK as it’s impossible to test it. Buyers CANNOT return or exchange these sims as we will not be able to resell it as it’s out of its original packaging.


SIMS Terms and Conditions: 

1. No sims card should be used in any unfair  order or should be involved in any criminal activities. 

2. No SIM card should be used for any illegal activities 

3. No SIM card should be topped up with any fraudulent credit or debit cards

4. We will not be held responsible for any unfair or illegal activities done with these SIM cards as we are just a reseller. 


Thanks for ordering with us.

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