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How To Use Zabardasth £1 International Calling Card Calling Card?

Access numbers starting with 0330 are free to call using your inclusive minutes. This means that if you can dial local numbers for free like 0207, 0121 etc, you will also be able to dial our 0330 numbers for free too. We also give you up to 30% extra talk time for calling abroad using an 0330 access number!

0330 977 9991

0330 777 1440 

Some operators let you call 087 numbers for free. Check with your service provider if this is the case. If you call abroad using our 087 access numbers, no money will be deducted from this card. Selected destinations only. Contact customer services for info.

0870 638 4000

0870 037 9998

This is a local rate access numbers like 0207 & 0208 etc. If you use this access number you will get standard talk time. For extra talk time use one of the above access numbers instead.

0203 411 2574

0800 numbers are free to dial from all landlines but you get less talk time. Don't waste your money! Use one of the above access numbes instead!

0800 099 7991

Customer Services - 0207 183 9791


Connection and daily maintenance fees do apply and depend on the destination dialled,length of call and access numbers used.

We do not hold any responsibilites for the announced minutes and prices as we are not the calling card company rather a reseller of the calling card.

For further information please contact the customer service number provided.

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