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How To Use 3 (Three UK) Network Mobile £35 Topup?

Dial 444 from your 3G Mobile and follow the instructions. 
Call 333 from a 3 network phone or 01933 778 633 for further queries.

3 Mobile Support: 333 (from 3 phone) or 01933 778 633 (landline)

Broadband Support: 500 (from 3 phone) or 01933 778 102 (landline)

All-in-One 35 - Now get 3000 minutes, 3,000 texts and all-you-can-eat data for just £35 (lasts 30 days).

Data Capped to 9GB along with other roaming policies (Please make sure with three before you use your SIM card abroad. Call 333 from your phone to confirm SIM is activated for data roaming)

Can I Use The Same Top-up Voucher For Mobile Broadband Dongle?

Yes, the same voucher can be used for your 3 mobile broadband top-up. 

  • £10 = 1GB (valid for 30 days)
  • £15 = 3GB (valid for 30 days)
  • £25 = 7GB (valid for 30 days)

Here's a complete breakdown of the new "Feel At Home" countries, which expands the service's area to cover most of the European continent.

Germany, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Malta, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Iceland, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar, Isle of Man Channel Islands (Guernsey and Jersey)

That's in addition to the 18 existing Feel At Home countries, which covers many destinations in Asia, and the United States:

Spain, France, Switzerland, Israel, Findland, Norway, USA, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Macau, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Sweden, Denmark, Republic of Ireland

Can I use unlimited data when roaming abroad?

Three allow you to use your data abroad in 60 international destinations at no extra cost. However there are some minor restrictions, including the use of data, which is capped at 12GB when in a Feel At Home destination. But in most cases that should still be more than enough for even the longest of holidays.

Can I use Go Binge with an unlimited data plan?

Go Binge comes with all unlimited data plans, so you can tether Netflix, Soundcloud, Deezer and TV Player without using any of your tethering allowance. You can also use Go Binge in Feel At Home destinations.

Where can I use my data?

You can make use of your unlimited data plan uk mobile anywhere in the UK, just as long as there’s coverage, which in most cases there will be, as 98% of the UK population receives 3G coverage and over 63% can get a Three 4G signal. You can also use it outside the UK free in Feel At Home destinations, subject to the 12GB cap detailed above. Feel At Home is expanding its reach all the time, but if you want to use data somewhere where it isn’t currently offered roaming charges will apply.

Can I tether unlimited data so I can share internet with my other devices?

Tethering is included on unlimited data plans so you’ll be able to use it towards a Personal Hotspot (aka tethering). The only restriction is that you can only use a maximum of 30GB per month tethering.

Can you get unlimited mobile broadband?

No. Unlimited data dongle,  Mobile WiFi or data only SIMs are not available on Three or any other UK network. However, generous allowances of up to 20GB of monthly data are available.

That's more than enough for most users and as an example 15GB of data allowance per month will enable you to:

  • Send 15000 Emails
  • Browse the internet for 150 hours
  • Download 75 4 minute videos
  • Download 480 4 minute songs

What is TrafficSense?

TrafficSense is Three's management of data traffic and is a way of ensuring the best possible mobile internet experience is given to users.

In general you won’t notice this at work, the aim is to give you a smooth experience and if that’s happening then TrafficSense is doing its job. However in order to achieve that some types of data use will see small restrictions at certain times. For example between 3pm and midnight a certain amount of bandwidth will be dedicated to tethering and file sharing, ensuring that the use of those services doesn’t hamper general mobile internet performance.

Are there any restrictions?

Data use can be capped at around 1000GB per month. This cap is used to identify inappropriate use of the service, such as commercial use, which isn’t permitted. However for non-commercial use it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever get anywhere close to the cap, even if you use your phone as your main or only internet device.

How do Three ensure I always get fast speeds?

There is a limit to the speed you'll get from Three to ensure the network is spread correctly across all users, so no-ones experience is hampered by anyone else. That speed has just increased to 75Mbps cap, which is easily fast enough to ensure a great experience and allows HD videos to be streamed smoothly.

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