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Estimated Unlocking Time: 3-10 days

To Unlock Nokia Lumia 1020, please follow the below steps:

1. Get the IMEI number of your Nokia Lumia 1020 (IMEI can be found by entering *#06# in the dialer)

2. Select your UK Network from the Network List

3. Enter the IMEI number in the IMEI box

4. Choose the payment method

5. Your code will be send via email (Bank Transfer Payments) or via Post (PayPal Payments). For PayPal orders please add another 2-3 working days on top of the estimated unlocking time. 

Using this service, you get all level code to unlock your Nokia Lumia 1020. 

Delivery terms :

* Service on weekends might have some delay again on rare occasion

* Once an order is placed there is no cancellations 

* No refunds once the unlocking request is processed. 

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