A well known mobile virtual network provider ASDA Mobile's vouchers can be bought from anywhere in the world with ease. It is quite obvious for you to think if getting a voucher may be easy but how do you get a SIM? There is nothing to worry here, as getting the SIM is just as easy as the voucher, once you place the order, we will deliver the SIM to your desired address within a short period of time. Available vouchers include that of £5 and £10.

Placing an order is as simple as saying 1, 2 and 3. All you need to do is fill up your details and your email address and we will send you the voucher within no time. Flexible payment options are available, such as PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union and much more.

Let's take a look at some of the Frequently Asked Questions to get a better understanding of things.

I want to learn more about ASDA, what should I do after getting the SIM?

After you have purchased the SIM, all you need to do is top up any of your desired amounts, may it be £5 or £10

What you get with £5 bundle are 100MB data, 100 mins, and 2000 texts. This will allow you to stay connected on the go, whether you prefer to talk, text or email. To get this bundle text 5 to 2732 or To get this as a recurring bundle text AUTO 5 TO 2732 .

What you get with £10 bundle are 1.5GB data, 600 mins, and Unlimited texts. This is the best package as it is very cheap and definitely worth every penny. Unlimited texts along with 1.5GB data and 600 minutes is simply the icing on your cake. Many of our users prefer this bundle and we have recurring buyers almost every week. To get this bundle text 10 to 2732 or To get this as a recurring bundle text AUTO 10 TO 2732 .

Along with these 2 bundles, there are few other choices which you can find on the official ASDA Website.

Do bundles automatically renew?

You have the option to make your bundle automatically renew every 30 days. To purchase a 30 day bundle text the value of the bundle to 2732. e.g. to buy the £7 bundle text 7 to 2732. To purchase a recurring bundle text the word AUTO followed by the bundle you would like to buy. e.g. to buy the £7 recurring bundle text AUTO 7 to 2732.

A reminder will be sent to you in the form of an SMS the day before your bundle will renew to give you time to top-up or cancel your bundle. If you want to stop your bundle from recurring text STOP AUTO to 2732. If you are unsure which bundle you have activated you can text BAL to 2732 for free to check.

The Blackberry bundle will automatically renew as long as you have at least £5 credit on your account on the renewal day.

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