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If you have locked you passcode screen and have tried many times to unlock the screen, you might have blocked the phone completely. 

When we unblock the passcode, all you data and contacts in the phone will be lost. 

We do not take any responsibility for loss of your data or any other valuable information due to passcode unblock. 

Once you phone is passcode unblocked, we will set a default password as 0000 and you can change it at a later stage. 

Please provide your IMEI number (used for our tracking purpose).

If you need to send the phone to our store, please protect the phone with a bubble rap and send it via a recorded delivery. Also send a pre-ordered recorded delivery pack along with the phone so that we can send it back to your address safe and sound after the repair is completed. 

Once we receive your phone we will take pictures of the phone before we start with any repair works. All repair works will start after payments are all cleared. 

We do not take any responsibilities of the damage caused during transit of the phone to and from the shop. 


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