Speak £1 + £2 Free International Calling Card
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How To Use Speak ​£1 International Calling Card?

1) Dial Access Number

Access Numbers: 020 7049 8994, 020 3603 7168

Dial: 00 + country code + area code + number Follow on call: # # Save pin: *6 Clear pin: * 9 Valid for 30 days from first use. Customer Service: 020 7183 9791

2) Enter PIN Number

xxx xxxx xxx
3) Dial: 00+country code+ area code+ phone number 

Follow on call: ##

Save Pin: *6 

Clear Pin: *9 

No refunds or exchange. Voucher expires 90 days from first use. 
Terms and conditions apply 
Customer Service: 0207 183 9791 


Connection and daily maintenance fees do apply and depend on the destination dialled,length of call and access numbers used.

We do not hold any responsibilites for the announced minutes and prices as we are not the calling card company rather a reseller of the calling card.

For further information please contact the customer service number provided.

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