Call UK from Sri Lanka At The Cheapest Rates – Great Business Opportunity

This is great news for all those Sri Lankan’s because we have come up with an amazing business idea which can be utilized using 3 Mobile’s “FEEL AT HOME” offer. The basic idea is to get SIM cards of 3 Mobile, activate roaming on it and an purchase allowance according to your necessity. What do you get? You get rid of roaming charges and can provide rates to your customers and make great profit out of it.

This offer is already amazing for all those who are planning to visit Sri Lanka for business or tourism purposes.

Take a look at the video below for more info:

The Mobile roaming with Feel At Home is available for all* Three customers. Click Here to get a 3 Mobile SIM or mobile vouchers of £10, £15, £20 and £25.

Enjoy your time in Sri Lanka by getting rid of Roaming charges and also staying connected with important stuffs back at UK. If you do not have a 3 Mobile SIM CLICK HERE and we will deliver it to your desired address within no time. Contact us or leave a message and we will always get back to you in no time.